With increasing frequency, we receive requests from doctors wishing to do sabbaticals with us and doctors, nurses, Allied health professionals and students wishing to do observerships of varying durations with us.

Whilst we are keen to promote good will and cultivate relationships with individuals and other institutions, we must be careful to avoid some pitfalls.

  • We believe that if we grant these, we have an obligation to those attending to look after them, and ensure that the goals they have set for their visit are being met;
  • We must therefore clearly understand the goals of the visitor and what needs to be accomplished during their visit.
  • We therefore have to limit the number of people visiting with us at any one time;
  • We must ensure that the visitors do not compete with our trainees, who also are here to develop their skills;
  • We must also ensure these do not compete with the Alfred ICU-Monash Research Scholarship(s) awarded each year and the Bachelor of Medical Science, masters and PhD students we have every year;
  • Ideally, observerships and sabbaticals would be timed so as to be at the time of an Alfred ICU course on the area of interest, if there is one (see courses at www.alfredicu.org.au)
  • There is considerable paperwork that is required prior to commencing these.  The application process and requirements are listed in the attachment;
  • For all the above reasons, applications must be at least 3 months in advance and are subject to availability;
  • For nursing positions please go to
  • In line with the Alfred Hospital policy, the cost of observership in the ICU will be $250.00 per person per day plus GST.  This will entitle the observer to attend all in-house education sessions (see health professionals:medical:registrars: medical staff education) – as well as other relevant meetings as determined by the director to be appropriate,which may include grand rounds, trauma meetings, transplant meetings, cardiac conference, consultant meeting, etc.
  • The daily fee will be based on Monday-Friday non public holidays.  However, if the observer attends on public holidays or weekends, the relevant day fee will apply.
  • At the moment, placements for echocardiography, TOE and Critical Care Ultrasound will NOT be considered.
  • Medical sabbaticals are excluded from the above, as are organised site visits by individuals/teams for specific purposes and recognised quality improvement exercises .  
  • Requests should be sent via email to the Director, who in turn will involve the    relevant Alfred ICU consultants to determine how best to handle these, depending on the objectives of the sabbatical;
  • Involvement with the collocated Monash University School of Public Heath and Preventive Medicine /Department of Epidemiology, the ANZICS Research Centre, and The National Trauma Research Institute, may be possible.
  • The onus is on the applicant to provide all the required documentation. Missing forms or other omitted paperwork will not be pursued.


Requirements and Process for: Observerships and sabbaticals

email : j.dyer@alfred.org.au

see attached guideline

Appointment of Medical Observers & Honorary Medical staff

Statutory Declaration


Requirements and Process for Observerships and sabbaticals privileges –

email : j.dyer@alfred.org.au

1.         Letter of application – including objectives, timeframe and dates;

2.         c/v;

3.         Certificate of Registration/Medical Degree;

4.         Proof of identity (photographic identification)

5.         Copy of a Police Check and/or completed Statutory Declaration (attached)