Carol Hodgson,  senior ICU physiotherapist,  also wins Senior Medical Staff Prize for Clinical/Public Health Research  in Alfred Health Week Poster Competition  for ‘PREDICTORS OF 12-MONTH OUTCOMES IN MAJOR TRAUMA PATIENTS ADMITTED TO ICU AND MECHANICALLY VENTILATED’

The aim of the study was to identify predictors of 12-month functional recovery and return to work among survivors of major trauma who required mechanical ventilation in intensive care (ICU) in a prospective, state-wide, population based cohort study using the Victorian State Trauma Registry (VSTR). We included adult survivors (≥18 years) of major trauma (Injury Severity Score>12) admitted to ICU requiring mechanical ventilation between January 2007 and December 2010. There were 2,877 adult patients admitted to ICU following major trauma and requiredmechanical ventilation. Of these, 2,358 (82%) survived to hospital discharge and 2,014 (85%) patients or their records were available for follow up at 12-months. One in 8 patients (13%) had returned to their pre-injury level of function (GOS-E=8), 57% were living independently and of the 1,210 patients who were working prior to injury, 629 (52%) had returned to work at 12-months. The predictors of recovery and RTW were younger age, male gender, non-compensable status, lower injury severity, area of injury and shorter duration of ventilation. Compared to patients mechanically ventilated for 24 hours or less, ventilation for more than three days was associated with half the odds of complete functional recovery (OR 0.50 [95% CI 0.34-0.75], P<0.001) and return to work (OR 0.55 [95% CI 0.38-0.79], P<0.001).

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