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1993-1995 Publications

Articles, Editorials, Letters and Reviews

Cooper DJ. Cardiac dysfunction during anaphylaxis in patients. Applied Cardiopulmonary pathophysiology. Jan 1993

Myles P, Scheinkestel CD. Renal failure after cardiac surgery: Pathophysiology, Prevention and treatment. Collective review

Ronco J, Fenwick J,  Tweeddale M, Wiggs B, Phang T, Cooper DJ, Cunningham K, Russell J, Walley K. Identification of the Critical Oxygen Delivery for Anaerobic Metabolism in Critically III Septic and Nonseptic Humans.  JAMA, October 13, 1993-Vol270, No 14

Scheinkestel CD, Tuxen DV, Cooper DJ.  Medical management of the (potential) organ donor. Anaesthesia and Intensive care Journal -1995

Tuxen DV. Permissive hypercapnic ventilation. AJRCCM Vol.150, No 3. Sept 1994

Tuxen DV, Wilson J, Cade F. Prevention of Lower Respiratory Herpes Simplex Virus Infection with Acyclovir in Patients with the Adult Respiratory Distress. Atsjournals

Whitfield A, Scheinkestel CD, Millar I, Cooper DJ, Tuxen DV  .Hypobaric decompression sickness. Original Research

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