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2020 Publications

Articles, Editorials, Letters and Reviews

Abdelkarim H, Durie M, Bellomo R, Bergmeir C, Badawi O, El-Khawas K, Pilcher D. A comparison of characteristics and outcomes of patients admitted to the ICU with asthma in Australia and New Zealand and United states. J Asthma 2020;57:398-404.

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Alqahtani S, Nehme Z, Williams B, Bernard S, Smith K. Temporal Trends in the Incidence, Characteristics, and Outcomes of Hanging-Related Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Prehosp Emerg Care 2020;24:369-77.

Alrawashdeh A, Nehme Z, Williams B, Smith K, Stephenson M, Bernard S, Cameron P, Stub D. Factors associated with emergency medical service delays in suspected ST-elevation myocardial infarction in Victoria, Australia: A retrospective study. Emerg Med Australas 2020;epub.

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Arias-Rivera S, Raurell-Torreda M, Thuissard-Vasallo IJ, Andreu-Vazquez C, Hodgson CL. Adaptation and validation of the ICU Mobility Scale in Spain. Enferm Intensiva 2020;epub.

Berenyi F, Steinfort DP, Ali Abdelhamid Y, Bailey MJ, Pilcher DV, Bellomo R, Finnis ME, Young PJ, Deane AM. Characteristics and Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients with Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Australia and New Zealand. Ann Am Thorac Soc 2020;epub.

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Bischoff SC, Austin P, Boeykens K, Chourdakis M, Cuerda C, Jonkers-Schuitema C, Lichota M, Nyulasi I, Schneider SM, Stanga Z, Pironi L. ESPEN guideline on home enteral nutrition. Clin Nutr 2020;39:5-22.

Brewster DJ, Chrimes N, Do TB, Fraser K, Groombridge CJ, Higgs A, Humar MJ, Leeuwenburg TJ, McGloughlin S, Newman FG, Nickson CP, Rehak A, Vokes D, Gatward JJ. Consensus statement: Safe Airway Society principles of airway management and tracheal intubation specific to the COVID-19 adult patient group. Med J Aust 2020;epub.

Broman LM, Dirnberger DR, Malfertheiner MV, Aokage T, Morberg P, Naesheim T, Pappalardo F, Di Nardo M, Preston T, Burrell AJC, Daly I, Harvey C, Mason P, Philipp A, Bartlett RH, Lynch W, Belliato M, Taccone FS. International Survey on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Transport. ASAIO J 2020;66:214-25.

Brooks KS, Tan LH, Rozen TH, Kelly D, McKenzie DP, Calafiore P, Barrett J. Validation of Epworth Richmond's Echocardiography Education Focused Year. Crit Care Med 2020;48:e34-e9.

Chaudhuri D, Granton D, Wang DX, Einav S, Helviz Y, Mauri T, Ricard JD, Mancebo J, Frat JP, Jog S, Hernandez G, Maggiore SM, Hodgson C, Jaber S, Brochard L, Burns KEA, Rochwerg B. Moderate Certainty Evidence Suggests the Use of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Does Not Decrease Hypoxia When Compared With Conventional Oxygen Therapy in the Peri-Intubation Period: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Crit Care Med 2020;48:571-8.

Chesnut R, Aguilera S, Buki A, Bulger E, Citerio G, Cooper DJ, Arrastia RD, Diringer M, Figaji A, Gao G, Geocadin R, Ghajar J, Harris O, Hoffer A, Hutchinson P, Joseph M, Kitagawa R, Manley G, Mayer S, Menon DK, Meyfroidt G, Michael DB, Oddo M, Okonkwo D, Patel M, Robertson C, Rosenfeld JV, Rubiano AM, Sahuquillo J, Servadei F, Shutter L, Stein D, Stocchetti N, Taccone FS, Timmons S, Tsai E, Ullman JS, Vespa P, Videtta W, Wright DW, Zammit C, Hawryluk GWJ. A management algorithm for adult patients with both brain oxygen and intracranial pressure monitoring: the Seattle International Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Consensus Conference (SIBICC). Intensive Care Med 2020;46:919-29.

Cignarella A, Redley B, Bucknall T. Organ donation within the intensive care unit: A retrospective audit. Aust Crit Care 2020;33:167-74.

Cooper DJ, Rosenfeld JV, Murray L, Arabi YM, Davies AR, Ponsford J, Seppelt I, Reilly P, Wiegers E, Wolfe R, DECRA Trial Investigators, Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group. Patient Outcomes at Twelve Months after Early Decompressive Craniectomy for Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury in the Randomized DECRA Clinical Trial. J Neurotrauma 2020;37:810-6.

Cosgrave D, Vencken S, Galligan M, McGuinness S, Soukhin E, McMullan V, Nair S, Puttappa A, Boylan J, Hussain R, Conlon N, Doran P, Nichol A. The effect of a low-dose naloxone infusion on the incidence of respiratory depression after intrathecal morphine administration for major open hepatobiliary surgery: a randomised controlled trial. Anaesthesia 2020;75:747-55.

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Gershengorn HB, Pilcher DV, Litton E, Anstey M, Garland A, Wunsch H. Association Between Consecutive Days Worked by Intensivists and Outcomes for Critically Ill Patients. Crit Care Med 2020;48:594-8.

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Haskins B, Nehme Z, Cameron P, Bernard S, Parker-Stebbing L, Smith K. Coles and Woolworths have installed public access defibrillators in all their stores: It is time other Australian businesses followed their lead. Emerg Med Australas 2020;32:166-8.

Hellewell SC, Conquest A, Little L, Vallance S, Board J, Bellomo R, Cooper DJ, Morganti-Kossmann MC. EPO treatment does not alter acute serum profiles of GFAP and S100B after TBI: A brief report on the Australian EPO-TBI clinical trial. J Clin Neurosci 2020;epub.

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