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Nursing Career

Nursing in the Alfred ICU is one which is rewarding and challenging. With state of the art facilities, the patients we care for are the most acute in any Australian ICU. To work within the Alfred ICU means that you work within a complex yet fulfilling environment. Approximately 350 nurses are employed within the unit, which creates an impressive team of knowledgeable clinicians. The expectation of all nurses employed is that Postgraduate studies are undertaken to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care nursing.

The opportunities are endless for all our nursing staff. Initially when commencing in the unit, we have a structured 12 week orientation program which includes up to 2 weeks of supernumerary time to ensure the transition of the nurse into this acute environment is well supported and standards of practice are demonstrated. The following weeks of the orientation program are focused on spending time with our 10 educators to assimilate to the clinical practices that all nurses should become accustomed to.

Prior to commencing postgraduate studies in the unit, all general registered nurses undertake the BASIC program, to establish a sound base of knowledge to care for an ICU patient. This then allows nurses to develop the right level of enquiry to progress to being an Intensive Care Critical nurse.

The Alfred ICU also employs nurses who have completed their postgraduate studies in other units around Australia. This allows us to bring knowledge into the department from different units, as well as expand the knowledge of Critical Care nurses newly employed.

Our ICU has four clinical pods: Cardiothoracic, Surgical, General and Trauma. Having such specialised pods in the one unit is unique to ICU’s in Australia. It allows nurses to not only specialise in one area, but nourishes nurses’ interests in different specialities. The nurses within the unit are able to work in all four pods, and as they become more specialised in areas of their interest, they are able to designate the pods in which they would like to complete most of their shifts.

We are fortunate to have three Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs) and one ECMO Nurse Consultant within the unit, to ensure practice, education and standards of care are of the utmost priority. The CNCs are experts in their area of specialisation and are a fantastic resource for both internal employees as well as external organisations.

Working at the Alfred ICU is a privilege, not only for the experiences you will get to be a part of but to care for such unwell patients and their loved ones, in such a distressing  time of their lives, is one which resonates with many nurses here. It is a reason for the care we give and when patients walk back into our doors, it highlights just how wonderful it is to be a part of such a dynamic, unique team.

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