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Observership ,Sabbatical, Honorary Application Form

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Residential Address 

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Date required

(Please  refer to the calendar of availability to ensure you are selecting only available dates from the calendar. NO exception will be made)

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Main Topic / area of interest during the visit (max 200 words):

Do you have the name of a Potential Alfred supervisor?

Do you suffer from any allergies? If yes please provide your allergy information.

  • Letter stating objective of observership, hononary appointment or sabbaticals and signed by your unit Director.

  • Curriculum vitae. 

  • Certificate of Registration.

  • Immunization questionnaire . (Please download, fill and upload/email this document)

  • Proof of identity (photographic identification i.e.: passport page).

  • Duly completed Statutory Declaration(Please download, fill and upload/email this document. Police check will be required prior to commencement.)
    Please note the application will not be reviewed unless all the required documents are uploaded or emailed.

Upload the Documents to AlfredICU Dropbox

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