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Observership ,Sabbatical, Honorary 

Due to the COVID-19, the ICU Department is currently not accepting any applications for Observership-Sabbatical or Honorary positions. Thanks for your understanding.

The Alfred ICU offers observerships, honorary appointments and sabbaticals in General Intensive Care and also with a specific focus on ECMO. These positions are only available to intensive care consultants and trainees. As we receive a significant number of interested applicants, we have developed the following pathway for interested applicants.


All visitors will require a consultant supervisor and ideally this would be mutually agreed between the supervisor and the visiting medical staff prior to the application being submitted. We may be able to assist with nominating a supervisor for applicants who do not have a supervisor.


For Victorian medical staff interested in an ECMO observership or sabbatical we are currently developing a program for this in conjunction that will be linked to the Victorian ECMO service which should be available soon.


If a hospital is interested in a team visiting the Alfred to observe our intensive care or ECMO program could you please email the unit director, Dr Steve McGloughlin outlining your proposal.

Options for visiting the Alfred Hospital

1) Observerships

  • Observerships at the Alfred provide the opportunity to observe the intensive care unit, attend ward rounds, education programs and clinical meetings as well as share ideas with the Alfred team. Observerships do not offer direct patient contact or the opportunity to perform procedures or ECMO cannulations.

  • We have two ECMO observerships available per year for up to 12 weeks (calendar of availability in the application section).  Observerships in the intensive care unit (not in ECMO) are also available and considered on a case by case basis.

  • All observerships will require an ICU consultant supervisor.

  • There are a number of hospital rules for observerships:

Observers can:

  • Attend meetings;

  • Attend ward rounds/case discussions

  • Review patient records, charts & results on clinical information systems;

  • Observe procedures or surgery if specifically agreed to by the surgeon performing the operation;

  • Observers are not permitted to scrub in on procedures or operations.

Observers cannot undertake any of the following:

  1. Direct participation in patient care (history, examination, consultations)

  2. Diagnostic or therapeutic procedures;

  3. Documentation in the medical record.

  4. Observers are also not allowed to participate in patient based research - i.e. can’t collect data etc


2) Honorary appointments

  • This is an unpaid hospital appointment that allows visitors to participate in patient care, undertake research etc. that is not allowed under the rules of an observership.

  • There is only limited opportunities for these positions and applicants will be required to submit all of the information required for an observership and also undergo a formal assessment and interview.

  • This position requires AHPRA registration and for overseas applicants has significant Visa requirements.


3) Sabbaticals

  • This is available for ICU consultants only

  • This is an option for long term commitments (6-12 months).

  • For overseas participants the process needs to commence 8-12 months prior to attending the unit.

  • Applicants should be self-funded.

Application Process

1. Check availability using the relevant Availability Calendar and make sure it matches yours.

2. Complete the Application form with the required documents as listed in the application form. 

Please use the link to the Alfred Events and Course calendar should you want to align your visit with a course.

Your application will then be reviewed by the Alfred ICU team and you will be contacted.

Please note: for any visit of more than 1 person, the hospital must be contacted and arrangement discussed.

Point of Contact


Only application submitted online will be reviewed. Should you have any further question, please email
Noemie Decamme:

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